Hadleigh Pouesi


13 March 6pm



Freshmans Dance Crew are a group of dancers and choreographers who are pushing to create a new vibe in the Street Dance scene in New Zealand.

From competitions to theatre, Freshmans have a goal to explore uncharted territories in the Street Dance industry with a goal to create sustainable pathways for performers to get career opportunities.

Fresh Movement Arts Trust is the umbrella for Freshmans Dance Crew as well as other artists, events and community initiatives.



Hadleigh Pouesi is a creative youth development practitioner who uses the arts as a vehicle for yout development. Over his 16 year career as a creative he has excelled in the realm of hop hop / street dance.

In 2008, his crew Sweet & Sour brought back New Zealand's first gold medal from the prestigious HHI World Hip Hop Dance Championships. Since then he has travelled the world as a back up dancer and choreographer.

He now directs the Fresh Movement Arts Trust and Freshmans Dance Crew, these platforms are used to explore new pathways for young creatives beyond the competition space. Over the last eight years Fresh Movement have created a number of full length works, toured the United States of America, Australia and throughout the Pacific, created new events that showcase young talent and has created employment opportunities for over 100 young performers.

Hadleigh's movement style now sits in a fusion space, based in street dance foundations. As well as his hip hop background, Hadleigh pulls from contemporary dance, siva Samoa, kapa haka and physical theatre to create a vocabulary that is unique and engaging.