Kia ora Talofa Greetings



Te Ata encourages a more curious, more open, more engaged community to know their voice can make a difference.


As artists, thinkers, and young people, we place our activities within and collaborate with the community.


We want to trigger the human impulse towards new experiences, seek further information and question the unchallenged. We do not accept that ‘this is how it is’.


Nearly 40 percent of Porirua’s population is under 25. We would like Te Ata to be a voice for their representation and space for their explorations. Youth suicide is a national crisis; in every order, someone is in disorder.


Our objective, therefore, is to encourage taitamariki, artists, and citizens to lead the transformation of their communities rather than allow continued engineering by governments, media and business corporations.


The desire and freedom to learn together can only enable us to transcend difficult times more imaginatively.


Community means a space of conversation, whanaungatanga, maanaki, alofa, connection, diversity, freedom, turangawaewae. It is where we fight loneliness, non-unity, and estrangement, and it is where we discover who we are.


Te Ata celebrates the necessity of art.

We celebrate imagination, curiosity, and the restlessness of artists, youth, and thinkers in their efforts to break through the walls that divide us.


We enter the VA, where we dance and debate in the space of terror and beauty.

We seek no conflict but understanding and mutual respect.


Te Ata invites you to join us at the heart of the Porirua community.



Ia manuia


Sala Lemi Ponifasio