Tru Paraha

5th body: Almanac

26 March 8pm

■ post performance talk



‘5th body’ was first performed as a quintet at the Votive Poetics Workshop in Auckland and then as a male-bodied trio at Experimental Dance Week Aotearoa in 2019. Part 3—Almanac—is an astrochoreography that casts a prediction for future global events.

 “Tru Paraha’s choreography 5th Body burns through the space, leaving the room in a subtly  different galaxy.”

 Alys Longley, ‘Accelerating a blaze of very tender violence’, Affective Movements, Methods and Pedagogies 2020.

 “Heavenly dramatic form of what is wanted and expected is brought to an edge—exhausted  physicality, repetition, deconstruction, pushing and pulling—building towards satisfying  aesthetics.”

 Neža Jamnikar, Theatreview 2019

 “Eventually the darkness was alleviated by healing acts of sticking kawakawa leaves on  bodies, triumphant grands jetés and the haunting pirouettes Bogoievski performed whilst  wearing the tent like a shroud.”

 Victoria Wynne-Jones, ‘Who’s afraid of experimental dance?’, Pantograph Punch 2019

Tru Paraha (Ngati Hineāmaru, Ngāti Kahu o Torongare) is an independent choreographer, performance director, and writer residing in Tāmaki Makaurau. Her experimental dance productions and live art works absorb a range of interests, including tātai arorangi, horror, speculative fiction, and astrophysics. Recent projects include Stargazer, Basement Theatre Ideas in Residence 2020, The gloaming, Tempo Dance Festival 2019, 5th Body: xorcsm, Experimental Dance Week Aotearoa 2019, blackOut, Kenneth Myers Centre 2018, and KARE; kind artificial real experience, Undisciplining Dance Symposium 2016.



image 1. (stellar background)

design: Tru Paraha

performance: Kosta Bogoievski in ‘5th body’, dir. Tru Paraha, 2019

image credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/MPE/J. Sanders et al.; Optical: NASA/STScI; Radio: NSF/NRAO/VLA


image 2. (white figure)

photo: Peter Jennings

performance: Anja Packham in ‘blackOut’, dir. Tru Paraha, 2018